The first Danebod Folk School was built in the year 1888, and church services were held in the lecture hall of that building. Now, the school is used as the hall for the Danebod congregation, plus hosts many camps, retreats, and serves as a meeting place for local clubs and groups.

Annual Danebod Folk Meeting

Every August  ·  Danebod Campus  ·  Tyler, MN

The Danebod Folk Meeting is a four-day residential folk school experience affirming the joy of living through enlightenment, fellowship, song and dance, faith and worship in the context of a Danish-American tradition.

The programming includes lectures on interesting and varied topics, singing, worship, stories, dancing, socializing — and great food!

Danebod Family Camps

Since 1947, Danebod Family Camps have become their own tradition and have grown to include two one-week camps held every summer in June and July. Fellowship extends to everyone who comes to camp welcoming new ideas, experiences, and traditions.

Each year the Danebod camp experience grows richer for the participation of all who have come before. People—families, single parents, grandparents, retirees, singles, and young adults and children of all ages—come to share their traditions and gain new life experiences.

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