Learn + Grow

Opportunities to study, learn, and grow in faith together at any age and any stage
The journey of faith is lifelong. There is no graduation. The Christian way of life calls for deep, high level, mature commitment. If there is a group or ministry missing, we would love for you to start it!

Confirmation Ministry at Danebod is an opportunity for young people to make public profession of their faith. If children were baptized as infants, Confirmation is a time for them to take ownership for their life of faith, to make a public commitment to the Christian life. For children who are not baptized, Confirmation is a process of faith formation and spiritual exploration that may lead to baptism. Confirmation Ministry is a 2-year course for 7th and 8th graders (or any young people) to explore faith in relationships with each other and with the church.

We spend time learning in a classroom setting, but also sharing highs and lows, eating a snack or a meal and playing games inside and outside. We explore the Bible and Lutheran teachings by studying the the Bible and Small Catechism. Young people will be immersed in the language and practice of faith and encouraged to ask questions, wonder and explore a life of service in their faith exploration.


“The Cross Church at Danebod” was dedicated Sunday, June 16, 1895. It was built largely with volunteer labor and money pledged by the early settlers, who had little to give. The Danebod Colony was established by a church organization and became the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Points of interest: The altar chairs, kerosene lamps, architectural structure, wainscoting walls and ceiling, porthole windows as in a ship, hand-carving on the altar, pulpit and railing, the candelabra and altar cloth, hand-carved stone baptismal font, the Star of Bethlehem in the church ceiling, Thorvaldsen’s statue of Christ, the Celtic cross, and pictures in the narthex.


Due to Covid these gatherings have been postponed. We are working on restarting this!